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Associate Doc Recruiting Program

The processes, questions, contracts, and agreements to implement to hire the perfect Chiropractic Associate. | Dr. Tom Preston Dr. Tom Preston
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Dr. Tom Preston
Dr. Tom Preston
Head Coach at Full Circle Coaching and Consulting

About the instructor

Dr. Tom Preston has been a chiropractic coach and consultant for over 20 years, after many of his colleagues asked how he was able to afford a great lifestyle only working a few hours a week and taking 10-12 weeks vacation.

The training and coaching material at Full Circle Coaching was developed from his success in practice, the coaches he's worked with, but much of it is from the tough lessons he's had to learn.

One of these tough business lessons was a bad hire with his first chiropractic associate.

She talked him out of signing any contracts, believing that would create tension between their relationship.

What it really did was make it legally acceptable to run off with many of his patients only 9 months later.

After setting up her own practice inside his own building (and skipping out on 4 months of rent), she setup her practice just down the road in their small city in Northern Canada.

This lesson was the motivation for learning how to find and recruit great talent. Great talent that allowed him to grow a great practice, drastically reduce his hours, take 10-12 weeks vacation, and sell his practice to start coaching.

Everything he's learned in this process has helped many chiropractors just like yourself, and it's all inside the training program we're offering you here today.

For more on Dr. Tom, watch the "Who is Coach Tom" video.

Thinking About Hiring a Chiropractic Associate?

If you read my bio above, you would know my motivation for learning how to hire a great associate.

I created a checklist of exercises, questionnaires, pertinent documents, contracts, and agreements needed when finding and vetting your chiropractic associate.

Without the right structures in place, you're leaving yourself open to be walked all over - or having false expectations for your associate and scaring them out of your practice.

The lessons I learned from my hiring mistakes have served many clients over the last 20 years of coaching.

But now I'm opening this information up to you.

If you find great chiropractic talent, develop a strong relationship, and have the right agreements, structures, and rhythms in place then you're sure to create a profitable long-term relationship.

Associates are your best form of leverage if you want to reduce your hours or take holidays, and they're your best candidates for buying your practice when you plan on selling.

By the end of this course, you'll know the perfect associate candidate when they present themselves, and you'll have all the tools and knowledge you need to onboard them successfully.

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Course Contents

14 Videos
11 Texts
8.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Module 9: Screening Resumes
Module 13: Offering the Contract & Negotiations